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Adam Bonnett

Paranormal Investigator

Investigating with a Disability

He will be doing a Q & A session and speak about the topic investigating with a disability.

"Adam Bonnett is a paranormal investigator, but not just any paranormal investigator. What makes him different? He's in a wheelchair. His condition has never slowed him down, only forced him to develop creative alternatives to achieve his goals. Often considered a "rolling trigger object", he uses his unique position to his advantage when investigating. He created a wheelchair bound ghost named Glider to represent him and others with disabilities. Adam uses Glider as a symbol of no limits, hoping to raise awareness and to show the world that anything is possible.
Adam worked as a paranormal manager at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum for 7 years, and has been a guest speaker at many conventions as well as being a guest on numerous radio shows. He has traveled to many east & west coast locations. He enjoys sharing his unique stories, experiences, and adventures hoping to inspire people that anything is possible!
More about Adam at"


Lori Hines
Author, Intuitive, & Public Speaker

Taking Flight Through Your Dreams

Think dreams are merely an imprint of our daily lives and subconscious? That our sleep experiences are an integrated palette of worries, hopes and desires? They can also take us to a higher spiritual level! In this workshop, Lori will discuss ‘travelling,’ past lives, communicating with the deceased and helping them pass on, types of prophetic dreams, connecting with your spirit guides, improving awareness in dreams, and ways to improve dream recall.
Lori Hines is an author, intuitive, and public speaker. Her first paranormal mystery book, titled “The Ancient Ones,” takes place at Vulture City and features a fictional group of paranormal investigators. The inspiration for her first book was the historic Vulture City. Lori used to be an investigator with a couple of different teams in Arizona—including Sonoran Paranormal Investigations (SPI). Her interest in the spirit world led to the writing of “The Ancient Ones” series.
Lori’s writing inspired and helped her transition as an intuitive. She communicates with her spirit guides and helps others to do the same. Lori teaches workshops throughout Arizona and offers past life readings and spiritual guidance. She has written and published four books that involve the Southwest, Native American history and culture, and the metaphysical; The latest is called “Native Heart” and features Sedona and Petrified Forest.
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Her books are available on Amazon.


ParaZona Paranormal Research

How to Run a Responsible Investigation

ParaZona Paranormal Research interactive Workshop will be on the set up & how to run a responsible Paranormal group. ( Clients, reports, member screening, responsibilities, liabilities)

ParaZona Paranormal Research is a highly experienced and nationally recognized paranormal research team whose members have been featured on radio, television, podcasts, and social media.
Our diverse team includes members who specialize in psychic ability, technical, and investigative experience. All of our professionals have been trained in the field of paranormal investigation, and are hand chosen based on their character, ability, professionalism, and thoroughness.
ParaZona Research works hand-in-hand with sister-team, CalPara Research based in southern California. Together, they have assisted famous locations like the Queen Mary, Tombstone AZ, The Whaley House, as well as confidential businesses, restaurants, theatres, stores, government buildings, and hundreds of in-home investigations over the past 14 years.

Kd Foreman
ParaZona Research Director

Facebook: ParaZona-Research
Website: ParaZona Research


Patti Negri

Psychic Medium - Good Witch

2 Hour Live Gallery Reading - $49 pp

Patti Negri, Psychic-Medium & Good Witch will be doing a 2hr Live Gallery Reading - space is limited, so get your tickets fast!

Patti is a Psychic-Medium and “Good Witch” best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel’s #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES. She is the international best selling author of OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD: TIPS, TRICKS, & TECHNIQUES TO BALANCE, EMPOWER, & CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE. She has graced numerous magazine covers, contributed to over 20 books and conducted seances on radio, film, and TV.

Patti has been able to communicate with the spirit world since she was a toddler and consciously since she conducted her first séance at age eight. Patti’s working style is magical, loving and upbeat, which creates a positive, safe and fun environment for you to learn, grow and heal. She has been practicing natural magick her entire life. Her specialty is in adjusting energy and flow – in people, spaces, situations, most anything. She works organically by creating spells and rituals that arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe to bring about healing, change our lives for the better, and create balance.

Social Media
Instagram: @patti.negri Twitter: @pattinegri Facebook: @pattinegri Website:

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Victoria Storm


History of Voodoo and Hoodoo
How to Make and Bless Ritual Items

As girl growing up in New Orleans Louisiana Southern Magic was all around her. Learning the practice of Voodoo at a young age from her grandmother Victoria Storm has since continued her practices and regularly uses them to assist in helping those in need throughout the paranormal community
In an exciting talk Victoria will discuss her history as well as the history of Voodoo and Hoodoo
As well as showing and explaining some of her key ritual items such as the history of Voodoo dolls and their true purposes, how to make and bless a chicken foot, the alligator head symbolism and much much more.


Charlie Kryszewski

Psychic & Tarot Reader

How to Use and Read Tarot Cards

Charlie’s interactive workshop will be fun and informative as he teaches how to use tarot cards & perform readings!

Charlie will be having a table at the event if you would like a private tarot reader.

Having had in interest in Tarot for years, I decided in 2017 to devote the time and finally learn. Finally in 2018 I read a couple of books during the year and I found the Wild Unknown deck in the fall of 2018. I decided in December that I would jump in with both feet and finally do readings.

I believe the Tarot is going to be a lifelong journey. I don’t think I’ll ever 100% know the meanings of all the cards. I have experimented with doing readings during investigations and gotten some amazing results.

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Damian Harris, Ryan Marsh, Karl Harrison, Haydyn Matthews & Jesse Matthews

Members of the COPS Crew

The Team will share their Vulture City experiences.

This amazing group of paranormal investigators workshop will be on their own personal experiences, activity, & equipment they use to capture that activity while investigating Vulture City Ghost Town in pass year.

Small bio of each investigator

Damian Harris - Professional photographer and videographer. Expert in technology with a background in electronics engineering.

Haydyn & Jesse Matthews - They have for years helped families deal with their paranormal experiences through education as well as their own personal experiences with the paranormal. They speak at workshops and cons about their paranormal experiences in hopes of helping others.

Social media links to learn more about Haydyn & Jesse

Karl Harrison - Karl Harrison has been a Paranormal Investigator since 2014. Karl uses his military training to pay attention to detail. He specializes in evp collection and evidence review

Ryan Marsh - Paranormal Investigator with an emphasis on photographic and audio based evidence. Loved to come up with techniques to achieve evidence with as little opportunity for contamination.

Social media links for you to learn more about Ryan!…

The COPS Crew Facebook & website


Todd Spitzer

Living in a Haunted House

Todd’s workshop will discuss what it has been like living in a haunted house recently investigated by the Ghost Adventures Crew. He will discuss how the hauntings changed his life and brought about a deep desire to better understand paranormal.


Todd's home was featured on Ghost Adventures Season 18, Episode 11. After purchasing the home in May of 2018 he started noticing what led to be paranormal activity throughout the home. Besides the great experience with Ghost Adventures, these findings have been confirmed by 4 other Paranormal teams. Todd enjoys sharing these experiences through private tours. Proceeds of these tours go to local charities. Todd calls Arizona home and since his experiences he has a deep drive to learn more about the paranormal and afterlife. He is a local business owner and former Firefighter / EMT. The home featured on Ghost Adventures is his full-time residence.

Want to me & here Todds experiences get your tickets to Vulture City ParaCon II at the link below!!

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