2020 Guest Speaker Line Up 

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Jay & Marie Yates

Paranormal Powerhouse Couple as described by many! More commonly known for their extreme paranormal encounters featured on several major television networks including; Travel, SYFY, Destination America, A&E, Travel & Escape, TLC, and even Oxygen Network. Appearing on many paranormal reality TV shows such as but not limited to; Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures-Aftershocks, Scariest Night of My Life, Paranormal 911, and Season 1-2 of Haunted Case Files. Currently the Yates are working on several other television projects and documentaries that will draw you in closer to, The Yates Family Haunting.
Although, the Yates are not limited to television alone as the regularly appear as special guests at conventions, lectures, and paranormal related events year-round while captivating audiences with their breathtaking paranormal encounters. The Yates approach to this field is brought on by their mission statement; seek truth, understanding, and proof of the paranormal by any means necessary. Outside of that Jay & Marie Yates both lead a successful team of experienced, diverse, and passion driven individuals into some of the darkest corners of the desert southwest. The Yates team Crossing Over Paranormal Society “The COPS Crew” was established after the Yates went through an extreme haunting with little to no help.
Furthermore, focusing on only the most extreme of hauntings with a passion for helping families struggling in silence as they once did. Jay coming from a background of being haunted since birth and Marie inheriting those haunting in marriage. Jay grew up plagued by the supernatural and struggled daily as a child to make sense of it all. These struggles led him to become self-educated about the field of Paranormal Investigation & Research. In Mid-August 1999, Jay suffered a Near Death Experience that forever changed the direction in his life. Jay became a Reverend, and soon after was pushed out of his church for his belief in the paranormal. Soon after Jay left the church he meets Marie a die hard skeptic of the supernatural but now a full-blown believer after witnessing it firsthand as it tormented her family.
The Yates Family Haunting continues today.  Although, the Yates have learned to live in harmony with both the living and the dead. The hauntings no longer control their lives. Peace has been restored to their family, but the scars remain. The Yates trials and tribulations with the supernatural have become their testimonies. Today the Yates stand proud of being Haunted Survivors which provides them with countless paranormal experiences as they continue to captivate audiences while sharing their real-life encounters.



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