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John Zaffis

Demonologist / Godfather of the Paranormal

John Zaffis has over forty three years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent John beyond looking for ghosts and hauntings and into studying demonology under the Warrens. This led into John's involvement with cases of possession and exorcism, which gave him the opportunity to work with prominent exorcists in this field, including Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Father Malachi Martin, and the Reverend Jun.

His research has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland covering several thousands of cases. Through hands on investigating with other investigators and clergy, he has obtained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the paranormal and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field today.

John has a lot of first-hand paranormal experience, including experience with ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic and diabolical entities. He has also worked extensively with both spiritualists and psychics concerning how their knowledge is used for channeling, reincarnation (past-life regression), calling of the spirits for information, and how they use meditation to acquire the information which they are seeking. Because of his personal experiences with hauntings, ESP, near death experiences and other paranormal activities, he is firm in his conviction that such phenomena exist.

John has been featured in the SyFy television series Haunted Collector., Discovery Channel's documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Piers Morgan, and many other print and news media events. John also appears in Graveyards and In A Dark Place, both books written by Ed and Lorraine Warren. John's first book, Shadows of the Dark, co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John has also appeared on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities.

Over the years, John has collected many hundreds of possessed items either given to or sent to him by people wishing to be rid of them. The John Zaffis Paranormal Museum opened in 2004 in order to display these items, and continues to be open today. John wrote and starred in the documentary film Museum of the Paranormal, released in 2010, which gives the viewer a tour of his museum and the stories behind some of the objects. John was the starring role in the television series Haunted Collector which ran on SyFy from 2011 through 2013.

Jay & Marie Yates

Para Lecturers / Reality TV Stars

Paranormal Powerhouse Couple as described by many! More commonly known for their extreme paranormal encounters featured on several major television networks including; Travel, SYFY, Destination America, A&E, Travel & Escape, TLC, and even Oxygen Network. Appearing on many paranormal reality TV shows such as but not limited to; Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures-Aftershocks, Scariest Night of My Life, Paranormal 911, and Season 1-2 of Haunted Case Files. Currently the Yates are working on several other television projects and documentaries that will draw you in closer to, The Yates Family Haunting.
Although, the Yates are not limited to television alone as the regularly appear as special guests at conventions, lectures, and paranormal related events year-round while captivating audiences with their breathtaking paranormal encounters. The Yates approach to this field is brought on by their mission statement; seek truth, understanding, and proof of the paranormal by any means necessary. Outside of that Jay & Marie Yates both lead a successful team of experienced, diverse, and passion driven individuals into some of the darkest corners of the desert southwest. The Yates team Crossing Over Paranormal Society “The COPS Crew” was established after the Yates went through an extreme haunting with little to no help.
Furthermore, focusing on only the most extreme of hauntings with a passion for helping families struggling in silence as they once did. Jay coming from a background of being haunted since birth and Marie inheriting those haunting in marriage. Jay grew up plagued by the supernatural and struggled daily as a child to make sense of it all. These struggles led him to become self-educated about the field of Paranormal Investigation & Research. In Mid-August 1999, Jay suffered a Near Death Experience that forever changed the direction in his life. Jay became a Reverend, and soon after was pushed out of his church for his belief in the paranormal. Soon after Jay left the church he meets Marie a die hard skeptic of the supernatural but now a full-blown believer after witnessing it firsthand as it tormented her family.
The Yates Family Haunting continues today.  Although, the Yates have learned to live in harmony with both the living and the dead. The hauntings no longer control their lives. Peace has been restored to their family, but the scars remain. The Yates trials and tribulations with the supernatural have become their testimonies. Today the Yates stand proud of being Haunted Survivors which provides them with countless paranormal experiences as they continue to captivate audiences while sharing their real-life encounters.


Marc Arvilla

Demonologist and Founder/Lead Investigator of MGHPS

Marc is the Founder/Team leader of Mass Ghost Hunters Paranormal Society. Interested in the paranormal since having an experience as a child, Marc began investigating about 10 years ago and has worked alongside some of the best investigators in the industry. Marc has quickly become one of the most trusted and respected investigators in the paranormal and has earned the trust of some of the best in the field. Many investigators reach out to him on a daily basis for advice and input. He enjoys pushing the boundaries and now studies Demonology under the guidance and tutelage of one of the most respected and renowned Demonologists alive today, John Zaffis.
Marc has appeared at numerous paranormal events and conventions as a guest speaker/investigator and has become a recognizable figure. He is Co-founder/Director of Salem Con, was co-host of DTM Wicked Radio’s Paranormal Hangover, and has been featured on TC’s “Haunted USA” and “Most Terrifying Places”.

Sarah Lemos

Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium Sarah Lemos has been communicating with the dead since she was just five years old. Based off these sometimes terrifying but oftentimes gratifying experiences she has taken her abilities and devoted her life to educating others about all things metaphysical. Most days, Sarah can be found comforting people from around the world who have lost loved ones; delivering inspiring messages of love from the other side through her gifts as a medium. You can watch Sarah and her team at work helping families with the paranormal as a co-host on Travel Channel's new hit show "Ghosts of Morgan City". And that is only the beginning, Sarah wants to help you, too. Most people are unaware that we all have psychic abilities to some degree and when these gifts begin to develop they can create havoc in normal daily lives. Sarah's passion is to help people integrate these gifts gracefully into their lives, calming the chaos, and living with joy along a pathway to spirit. Coincidentally, "Pathways to Spirit" is also the name of her new immersive coaching program that offers clients a multitude of lessons in a private learning community. This program will look at wellness from a holistic perspective of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The Southern Gypsies


The Southern Gypsies are a group of talented psychics from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. With years of experience in the paranormal and metaphysical these ladies travel the country spreading their knowledge and making others feel comfortable in their own paths. Misty and Ashley Conner (The Conner Sisters) are talented tarot card readers along with other gifts. Intuitive Healer Holly is a talented Energy worker who offers energy work,past life regressions and Oracle card readings. These ladies are true to their gypsy ways and are paving the way for many others who struggle to understand who they truly are..

Michelle LeBaron

Ghost Magnet

Michelle is a Paranormal Investigator, Intuitive and also an extremely gifted Empath. She uses her intuitions and feelings in combination with ghost hunting equipment, videos, and photos to collect compelling data of the afterlife.
Given the nickname “Ghost Magnet” by some of her friends and people she has investigated with, the dead often speak to her through electronic communication devices, EVPs, and disembodied voices (sometimes even calling her out by her full name).  Michelle is also The Team Lead for Reap Investigations West Coast Chapter.  Michelle’s main goal is to spread Love and Light in the Paranormal community. Michelle’s paranormal passion runs deep in her veins and her mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the field as well as help as many people as she can in the process (both living and dead)...

Matt Rosvally & Guil Claveria

Haunted Routes & Shockfest Film Festival

Guil Claveria is the creator of Shockfest Film Festival and Mockfest Film Festival of Hollywood. He is a nationally award-winning multi-media producer and devoted college teacher. As an independent writer/producer/director/actor, Claveria has accumulated over two dozen awards for his thought provoking short films and received a Senatorial Citation for writing from Ohio Senator Tom Roberts. He is a martial artist, military veteran and an avid motorcycle enthusiast. On his spare time, he writes and composes musical theater.

Matt is a long time entertainer and team member of the
Shockfest crew, having served as Production Manager for the film festival since 2013. He is also the host of the Telly Award Winning Travel Series, Haunted Routes and has worked alongside the rest of the Shockfest team filling multiple roles on their various productions.



Bill & Kris Reap

R.E.A.P. Investigators

R.E.A.P. Investigations Mission is to educate and make the public aware of the paranormal and to help those being affected by researching and investigating possible paranormal activity and the legends of hauntings on the east coast and across the country. 

Our primary focus is private residences and local business but sometimes we will investigate the "Historically Haunted" places for fun.
Our primary goal is to debunk possible paranormal activity and then focus on what cannot be debunked.

We believe in preserving history through the paranormal and help many locations raise money to preserve history thru the PARANORMAL.

Colin Browen

The Paranormal Files

Colin Browen began his journey into documenting paranormal activity when his high school newspaper contacted him about conducting a paranormal investigation in the school. After they captured crazy paranormal activity in the basement of the school, Colin edited a documentary on his own which would become the first episode of "THE PARANORMAL FILES", and premiered it in the haunted auditorium of his high school. From that point on, it was full steam ahead into the paranormal world, and his life was never the same.����Creating videos with a mixture of paranormal activity, ghost stories and personal vlogs, he is changing the paranormal world, one video at a time. STAY SPOOKY!�Attachments area


Christina George

Official Radio Host

Christina George is a  Paranormal Investigator/Ufologist/Cryptozoologist and a Psychic Medium 

Christina George is the Founder of her Paranormal Group P.P.R.S. ~ Psychic & Paranormal Research Society, out of Sacramento Ca where they investigate not only the Paranormal but also UFO's, abductions, Bigfoot, and other unknown mysteries.       

  Christina is also the Host of Paranormal Connections & Top Secret News  as well as she also mentors children, teens and adults with psychic abilities...in order to help them understand what is going on around them and to help them understand that they are not crazy, and that they are definitely not alone..

 Christina has been interviewed on hundreds of well known Radio and Internet TV Shows over the years as well as she has had her work as well as her personal experiences published in numerous articles and a few books. Christina speaks and Lectures all over the US at Events, Conventions and Universities speaking on topics of  The Paranormal, Psychic Abilities, Haunted Items, Near Death Experiences, Black Eyed Kids Phenomenon, UFO's,Abductions, and Bigfoot   just to name a few so that she can inform the public on the truths about the Paranormal World and beyond.

  Christina does what she can to make sure that People understand that these kinds of Phenomena really do exist, and although many hauntings never cause the occupant harm, this field of investigation should not be taken on lightly, There are real dangers when investigating the Paranormal. Many people tend to ignore those dangers, or just dont realize  the  real dangers that can be involved. 

   Although Christina has been able to see spirits her whole life and has been investigating Professionally for over 15 yrs now, She has seen and experienced some very troubling things herself, and although she has  found that there are many cases that prove to be nothing Paranormal, there are also plenty of others that absolutely are. She does her best to help both Researchers, Investigators and people with an interest in the Paranormal, or that may have Psychic Abilities, to understand this field and the correct way to investigate it, and the dangers that go along with investigating it.

Lisa Ludwig


Chris Sanders

Paranormal Investigator

Chris Sanders has been a Paranormal investigator for 14 years. Chris's number one goal is is to help out families in need due to his bad haunting when he was a kid. He belongs to two separate paranormal investigation teams Reap and Seek It. Chris is also known for his

Collection of haunted objects that were removed from some of his private cases. Chris does Lectures all over the US talking about haunted objects and Attachments. Chris is know for Buddy the Haunted Clown doll one of his most dark cases to date. You can find this doll on his Lecture tours.
Chris is also part of season 2
Of travel Channels Paranormal 911 you can Catch him on several Episodes





Keith Bailey

Bailey Paranormal Co-founder, Lead Investigator

Keith was born and raised in Houston, Texas. From the age of three (3) Keith knew he wanted to be a firefighter. At 16, Keith would visit his neighborhood fire station to hang out with the firefighters with hopes of learning the ropes. By 18 years old he was volunteering. Keith obtained his professional firefighter certificate at age 20 and was hire full time by the Houston Fire Department. Keith spent 30 years leading the Houston Fire Department as a Captain.

Firefighter dreams realized
Keith began to experience the paranormal at the age of 12 after his grandmother passed away. He was very close to his grandmother and her death fell heavily on him. Two weeks after her passing he would wake to find his grandmother standing at the foot of his bed. His initial fear turned to calm when he realized it was his grandmother. As if to say, “I’m with you always.” she reached out and gently held his foot. And with that the encounter was over. From then on, Keith knew his grandmother was watching over him, protecting and sheltering him.

A year later and after a tonsillectomy, Keith would find himself violently ill. A simple medication to control vomiting would put him in anaphylactic shock/cardiac arrest. Thankfully, an ambulance arrived to give him medication to reverse the effects before brain damage occurred. During this event, Keith walked down a hill until he came to an open pasture where the colors where bluer than blue, greens were greener than green, and songbirds sang beautifully. He came upon a bench next to a lake where his grandmother was sitting. He sat down next to her and ask, “Where am I?” With her forefinger over her lips, she gently shushed and comforted him. When she finally spoke, she told Keith he would have to go back. With these words, Keith immediately began to hear his mother calling out to him. Chaos ensued as Keith awoke from his near-death experience. His parents were crying, doctors and nurses were calling out orders, and beeps from monitors filled the air. This event left Keith was a sense of higher calling without a purpose.

Still trying to understand the event with his grandmother, Keith would have a dream about his best friend, Tim. In the dream he envisioned Tim happy, energetic and full of life. But, the dream quickly turned dark. He awoke in horror with the knowledge his friend would soon succumb to injuries he could not explain. Within two weeks Tim would be hit by a car while skateboarding and lose his life. It soon became clear to Keith the purpose of his higher calling: giving voice to the dead. Since these events, Keith has dedicated himself to better understand life after death with the sole purpose of giving voice to the dead.

Over the past several years, Keith has begun to investigate on his own in hopes to help others who have experienced paranormal activity. To date, Keith has investigated numerous historically haunted locations, private homes and fire stations to help explain the paranormal activity going on within. He has also spent years attending paracons throughout the United States where he began to connect with many that he now calls colleagues. When he has questions about a subject matter he is unfamiliar, he turns to a plethora of friends and colleagues in the paranormal industry such as John Zaffis, Jay and Marie Yates, Dustin Pari, James Annitto, Jack Kenna, Ellen McNeill, Jeff Adkins, Todd Bonner, Grant Wilson and Joe Cetrone to help him sort out his questions.

Keith is also an avid drummer and hunter. He draws most of his inspiration of drumming from Neil Peart. Keith has been playing drums for over 30 years. He writes lyrics and enjoy performing with other band mates.

His passion for hunting resides squarely in native American history where you give thanks to the land and the nourishment it provides. Many of the animals he takes are donated to local food banks to help feed the hungry and underserved.

After over 30 years in the Fire Service Keith retired to follow his dreams and passions in the paranormal industry. With so many of his paranormal celebrity friends and colleagues supporting those dreams, they especially recognize his expert investigative skills. They have encouraged him to seek out a team where his skills can be utilized to their fullest extent. Not only will Keith bring his expert investigative skills to your team, he also brings maturity, leadership, compassion, dedication and a sense of drive.

As a fire captain, Keith’s crew was only as strong as his weakest member. In order to bring balance and safety to a life-threatening fire scene, he learned to utilize the strengths and, most importantly, the weaknesses of every crew member so the job was done and every crew member went home to their families. A phrase he lives by.

Elaine Davison

Paranormal Investigator / Author

Growing up in a haunted home Elaine Davison has always had a fascination with the Paranormal. She began actively investigating in the 1990’s and with many investigations completed Elaine felt that investigating the paranormal was a fairly safe activity, which changed on May 5, 2012.
On that fateful day five investigators, including herself, from Western Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigators (WOOPI) went on an investigation at a private home where 4 adults, 3 large dogs, 2 cats and a ferret resided. The next day all five investigators woke up ill with bronchitis type symptoms and remained sick for six months until one was finally treated with an antifungal medication and recovered.
This lead Elaine to start questioning the safety of investigating and asking questions, upon finding out many investigator’s had gotten sick, hurt and even died in a variety of ways. She wrote a Paranormal Safety Pamphlet and then a book called ‘Investigator’s Guide to Paranormal Safety’ detailing the stories how people became sick, hurt or died.
Today Elaine is still investigating but advocates just to be smart and safe on how one approaches investigations, and is currently writing a Paranormal Safety Technical Manual. It is due out in the Fall of 2020 which will include much more information that she did not know in 2013 when writing her first book.

Bob Davis & Brian Clune

Paranormal Researchers / Authors

Bob Davis
Bob Davis is a Commercial Real Estate Investor by day and a Paranormal Researcher by night.
Mr. Davis co-owns Planet Paranormal Radio, Planet Paranormal Investigations and Queen Mary Shadows, along with Brian Clune.
In addition, Bob has been on over 35 radio broadcasts, nationally and internationally, featured in 10 books and publications and 2 documentary films.

In addition Bob has been published in LIFE Magazine, The New York DailyNews, World News, the LA Examiner and The Paranormal Examinerand has been seen on such hit television shows as Ghost Hunter, Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story and The Dead Files.

Mr. Davis, has co-authored several books along with Mr. Clune. These include; Ghosts of the Queen Mary, California’s Historic Haunts, Haunted Universal Studios, Thinking Outside the Box: Frank Sumption, Creator of the Ghost Box, and the Ghosts and Legends of Alcatraz, due out September 30, 2019. In addition team members are working on several other books nearing completion.
Planet Paranormal team members also have been lecturing at Colleges, Universities and several other venues for the last six years and enjoy teaching very much.

Bob is best known in the Paranormal field, for his ability to communicate audibly with spirits, the spirit he is best known for communicating with would have to be, Jackie the talking ghost girl. Jackie likes to reside in the pool area of the Hotel Queen Mary.
Bob Davis and his Daughter Katrina are also known for identifying and bringing the Fedora Dude and Grumpy the Growling Ghost, also on the Queen Mary, to the public’s attention.

Bob has an extensive library of many of these two way, audible conversations with spirits from many locations across the country.
During his many years conducting research into the paranormal, Bob has had a special interest in all forms of spirit communication and audio analysis.

This special ability to have extended, two way, audible communications with spirits has led to multitudes of people also experiencing these conversations for themselves.
These include, ships management, security officers on the ship, police officers, tour guides, hotel guests, other researchers with some of the best teams in the country and around the world and several TV personalities.
Over the years, Bob and Planet Paranormal team members have delighted in seeing total non-believers turn into full blow researchers.

Brian Clune
Growing up in a home haunted by his father, Brian became a believer at an early age. He began investigating the paranormal more than twenty years ago on his own, using tape recorders, film cameras and stone age video equipment. He read every book he could get his hands on regarding ghosts, poltergeists, demons, shades, shadow people or any other paranormal entity he could think of. It wasn’t until his son approached him with the idea of joining a team that he realized just how important history was to becoming a complete investigator. History became not only a tool into understanding the who, what and why a ghost may remain on our mortal plane, but a passion he wanted to bring to as many people as he could.
Mr. Clune is the co-owner of Planet Paranormal Radio, Planet Paranormal Investigations and Queen Mary Shadows along with CEO Bob Davis. Mr. Clune is also the Historian for the company.
Mr. Clune has been a featured guest on numerous local, national and international radio shows, and has been involved with the television shows, Ghosts Hunters, Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files and My Ghost Story. He was also the featured subject in the companion documentary for the major motion picture, Paranormal Asylum.
Mr. Clune has been featured in the New York Daily News, World News, the LA Examiner, The Los Angeles Times, The Long Beach Press Telegram and the San Jose Mercury news local Daily Breeze. Brian has also been published in the Oct. 2015, Worlds Most Haunted Places Edition of LIFE Magazine for his highly-acclaimed book, Ghosts of the Queen Mary, co-authored with Bob Davis. This LIFE Magazine is now classified as one of their Classic editions and has been rereleased numerous times. This same Time/LIFE magazine is also the genesis of the Queen Mary’s advertising of, “Time Magazine’s 10 most haunted” title. Mr. Clune and Bob Davis have also co-authored the definitive works, Haunted Universal Studios and Ghosts and Legends of Alcatraz. They also teamed up to write California’s Historic Haunts, a para-historical travel guide to haunted locations throughout California. Brian and Bob have also penned, with the help of Norma Sumption and Jim Pfister, Thinking Outside the Box: Frank Sumption, Creator of the Ghost Box, the official biography of Frank Sumption. Brian’s solo works include, Haunted San Pedro and the best-selling Hollywood Obscura: Death, Murder and the Paranormal Aftermath. Brian and Bob are currently working on other titles including their forthcoming, Ghosts and Legends of Calico, due out Sept. 2020.
Brian and Bob are yearly lecturers at several colleges and Universities, teaching students the finer points of the paranormal and history for the anthropology departments and have been enjoying teaching students these subjects for over six years. Along with teaching, Planet Paranormal has appeared at national Halloween conventions such as Midsummer Scream, ScareLA and Fear Con in Salt Lake City along with numerous Paracons throughout the west.

Mike Casey

Paranormal Investigator / Sole Searcher

Mike Casey, a paranormal guru since childhood. Taking his first steps into the field in 2015 and was instantly hooked. Since then there has been noturning back. Each case, every team he works with, and each event appearance he finds himself learning more. Mike has had the distinct honor of working with experienced teams all across the desert Southwest, California, Nevada along with being part of the Ghost Adventures location finding crew. Although Mike’s bucket list continues to grow, as does his knowledge and experience in the field. He claims no team and for a reason, to stay drama free and focused on hismission. The mission of searching for truth in even some of the most unlikely of locations. Stay tuned because as his knowledge grows so does his hungerfor unlocking the mysteries of the unknown.

Doug Carnahan

Celebrity Paranormal Investigator 

Doug is a renown Paranormal Investigator, Extreme Haunted Survivor, Lecturer, TV and Radio Personality with over 34 plus years in the field and over 750 investigations mostly dark in nature. Doug has a passion for Unearthing the Unknown and helping those in urgent need when dealing with the paranormal..

In the early 80s, Doug was physically attacked in his home for a period of 6 months. These attacks came from nowhere and soon escalated from pushing, punching, slapping to chocking, scratching and even biting by an unseen intruder.. The more Doug mentally and verbally combated the entity the more violent the encounters became.. This profound experience launched Doug head first into the field of the paranormal seeking answers to questions not yet asked. Helping others is his main focus today. Working with the most dire in need to regain their life back. Some say what he does is a calling, but he sees it as his life mission and simply, "The path I walk"

Doug is ranked among the top paranormal investigators in America today, listed in the Haunted America Tours, Real Paranormal Investigators. He has also been seen on the Today Show, Discovery Channels "Weird, True and Freaky, Back from the Dead” A&E Bio Channels "My Ghost Story" Travel Channels Ghost Adventures as well as The Unexplained Files, on Science Channel, Local TV "Eye on the Bay" and the documentary film "The Haunted Wine Country". Doug has also been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, books and Internet articles.

​Doug presently is on hyannis from radio where he hosted of one of the top rated and more popular Internet paranormal shows for over 5 years, "The Haunted Truth" Paranormal Radio to have time to write his story. The show was enjoyed world wide by fans from all over the globe,tuning in weekly. Besides hosting his show he has enjoyed been a guest on countless other shows in the US, Canada and the UK.

Sam Baltrusis

Paranormal Author 

Sam Baltrusis, author of Wicked Salem and the recently released Ghost Writers, has penned eleven historical-based ghost books. He has been featured on several national TV shows, including Destination America's Haunted Towns and the Travel Channel’s A Haunting, Haunted USA: Salem, and Most Terrifying Places. His upcoming book, Mass Murders, is slotted for a May 2020 release.



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