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Jay & Marie Yates

Para Lecturers / Reality TV Stars

nternationally known and respected paranormal investigators with a combined lifetime of countless paranormal experience. Known to many as Paranormal Investigators, Paranormal Educators, Haunted Survivors, Paranormal Directors of Vulture City Ghost Town, and Paranormal Consultants for all things paranormal. With several repeat appearances on travel channels hit tv show Ghost Adventures. Recognized from their ongoing role on Haunted Case Files and more than a dozen other appearances on paranormal related television shows. Well known for their years of research, paranormal investigations, relationship with the spirits, love, and passion for their ground breaking paranormal evidence gathered at Vulture City Ghost Town. With several hundred investigations conducted in the world famous Vulture City.

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Patti Negri

Psychic Medium & Good Witch

Best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel's #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES, Patti is the international best-selling author of OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD: TIPS, TRICKS, & TECHNIQUES TO BALANCE, EMPOWER, & CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE. Patti was voted number one psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch / magical practitioner in the world in an Internationally competition by Times Square Press. Patti's body of work includes appearances on such shows as MASTER CHEF, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, WipeOut and Jeff Lewis' FLIPPING OUT. Patti has a popular weekly podcast called THE WITCHING HOUR and can also be heard on nationally syndicated radio with Adam Corolla, Jason Ellis, Mancow Muller and Coast to Coast with George Noory. She has graced numerous magazine covers, contributed to over 20 books and conducted seances on radio, film, and TV working with such legends as Emma Stone, Jon Voight, Martin Sheen and Gregory Hines.

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Michelle LeBaron

Ghost Magnet

Michelle is a Paranormal Investigator, Intuitive and also an extremely gifted Empath. She uses her intuitions and feelings in combination with ghost hunting equipment, videos, and photos to collect compelling data of the afterlife.
Given the nickname “Ghost Magnet” by some of her friends and people she has investigated with, the dead often speak to her through electronic communication devices, EVPs, and disembodied voices (sometimes even calling her out by her full name).  Michelle is also The Team Lead for Reap Investigations West Coast Chapter.  Michelle’s main goal is to spread Love and Light in the Paranormal community. Michelle’s paranormal passion runs deep in her veins and her mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the field as well as help as many people as she can in the process (both living and dead)...


Richard Estep


Richard Estep is the author of 30+ books in the genres of paranormal non-fiction, crime, and history. A paranormal investigator for 28 years, he continues to research and document cases on both sides of the Atlantic. He is a series regular on TV shows Haunted Hospitals, Paranormal 911, Haunted Case Files, and Paranormal Night Shift, and has been a guest on Destination Fear. Richard lives in Colorado where he works as a paramedic and can usually be found at the keyboard, working on his next book.


Unearthing the Supernatural

Native American Paranormal Investigators

Unearthing the Supernatural is a team of Native American paranormal investigators taught in the old ways of spiritual combat and healing. Answering the call from people and spirits who ask for their aid. Having been featured on Ghost Adventures, Unidentified with Demi Lovato, and sharing never before seen content on their own YouTube channel, the team looks forward to showing the world an “unearthed” perspective of paranormal investigating and spiritual interaction.
Hero and Shanclen of Unearthing the Supernatural are returning to Vulture City Paracon! Hero, the medicinal person and “exorcist” of the group brings over 20 years of spiritual expertise to the team. Shanclen, the leader and face of the team, brings his warrior tenacity and caring heart to every interaction. This sacred brother duo is making leaps and bounds showing the world what it means to truly help those beings in need from an Indigenous perspective, blending both the ancient and modern world. Join them and the crew as they bring to the table new investigative techniques, philosophies, stories, tools, and knowledge. And be prepared to bring your own questions to better understand the next evolution of paranormal interaction.
Join us on our investigations and see the old ways of how the gifted communicate with the undead on our Youtube Channel. 
Also, join Shanclen as he hosts the Ghosts and Legends Tour every month right here at Vulture City!


Natalie Jones

President & CEO PARAFlixx

Natalie Jones is co-founder and President & CEO of PARAFlixx, Inc., PARAFlixx paranormal+, a universal streaming network (subscription video on demand) for original and licensed productions of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Horror, Universe & Beyond, and then some.

Natalie is founder/owner of US Paracon, Texas Paracon, L.L.C. She is also Creator and Owner of The Haunted Psychomanteum, a haunted antiques museum with an elevated approach to ITC, coming to Dallas, TX soon. In the meantime, The Haunted Psychomanteum: OMNIPRESENT is a production which is a 6-part series released early 2021, available only on PARAFlixx paranormal+, and produced by Strange Goat Media. Natalie is co-owner and founder of Strange Goat Media, LLC alongside business partner, and PARAFlixx Inc. Executive Producer, Mike Hatcher.

Natalie Jones is a metaphysical lecturer and also Creator and Paranormal Navigator of Ghosthunter Girls. Natalie is a published author of Awaken the Higher Self: Bringing Darkness to Light (BMK Publishing). The Little Secret Book of Life coming soon. She is a Reiki Master and has spent her life preparing for a calling and soul mission to help others as a Dark Energy Healing Facilitator through working with and understanding different energies with a universal approach, teaching healing from within, and holds the Melchizedek priesthood to give blessings.

Natalie Jones is currently in the doctoral program at the University of Sedona, Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Msc.D., with continuing Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Conscious-Centered Living. Natalie is a seasoned and dedicated yoga practitioner to further connection to mind, body & soul, which helps her to stay grounded in her spiritual work.


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Christina George

Psychic Medium

Christina George is a Psychic Medium who has been investigating everything paranormal for over 15yrs in the public eye and has has had paranormal experiences for over 50 yrs in total...Christina experienced spirits and paranormal activity since childhood and has had not 1 but 2 near death experiences that changed the way she not only looked at life...but also death...and her role in the paranormal...She started her own Paranormal Group to help residential clients... and for over 10 yrs she also mentored children and teens with psychic help them and their parents better understand what they were experiencing...and how to control it...She has also spoken at many Conferences about the importance of safety and well she has been featured in many books describing just some of the most terrifying investigations and experiences she has had during her time in the field...Over 10 yrs ago she also started a Radio Show called "Paranormal Connections" that she still hosts today...sharing personal experiences as well as those of her all areas of the Paranormal...Ufology & well as she has been a guest on countless Radio Shows and was featured on Ghost Adventures..."Union Brewery" episode...a location that still haunts her till this day.

Heading 2

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Colin Browen

The Paranormal Files

Colin Browen is a 25 year-old paranormal investigator and filmmaker from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Colin started his YouTube channel, "The Paranormal Files" in 2015 after filming a feature-length documentary at the haunted high school that he graduated from. After moving to Texas in late 2015 to attend film school at the University of Texas in Austin, Colin hosted the show "Teen Spirit" on, which followed him as he investigated tales of hauntings across the state of Texas. After dropping out of film school to devote all of his time to his media career on YouTube, Colin's channel exploded. Over the last 7 years, "The Paranormal Files"

Jereme Leonard

The Cajun Demonologist

A Louisiana native and Firefighter, Jereme is also in ordained minister and author of the Dwelling the Dark Entity, his personal story  about his first demonic encounter.

Jereme was taught demonology by Father Padre Joseph, an exorcist within the Catholic Church. He has been a working demonologist since 2005. Jereme is also a teacher and mentor and teaches an Online Demonology 101 and Spiritual Warfare classes. Jereme’s teaching style is very interactive with his students focusing on deep understanding of the skills and knowledge needed encountering dark entities.

Jereme is also known for being one of the main cast members on the Travel Channel's Ghosts of Morgan City and Netflix 28 Days Haunted. You can reach 

Jereme is also the owner and operator of Cajun Hutt Jewelry ( which specializes in blessed beaded protection bracelets and signature Cajun rosaries. 

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Stefan Brigati

Paranormal Author, Educator, Radio Host and Reality TV Personality

Founder of Pacific Coast Paranormal

Host of My Darkest Hour Radio

Host of Into the Further TV Series on ParaFlixx

Stefan has been investigating and researching the paranormal for almost 30 years as well as studying the Paranormal and the theories behind hauntings. In addition to Investigating the paranormal he is a well-known educator in the field by doing seminars and hosting events for Paranormal groups all over the world.

In 1991 Stefan founded Pacific Coast Paranormal in 1991. A specialized team to help others with extreme hauntings.

In 2013 Stefan became the host of My Darkest Hour Radio on Live Paranormal and History FM in 2017 his show has reached over 1 million followers.

Stefan has been filming a series on the Science of hauntings and has appeared on many radio shows and has appeared on A&E, Animal Planet, BBC1, BioTV, Discovery, Green Channel, HBO, History, MTV, National Geographic, Real TV, SyFy, Travel and more.

His photos and articles also appear in many magazines and books like Americas Haunted Road Trip, Time Square Press, Stars Illustrated Magazine and the book 2015-2016 World’s Best, Most Trusted and Most Popular Lightworkers, Demon Song “The tragic story of Mark and Debbie Constantino”.

He has appeared in many documentaries and TV shows such as My Ghost Story, Haunted Hollywood, Paranormal Witness, Caught On Camera and many more.

Stefan is well known for bringing Scientific and Metaphysical theories together. His book “The Science of a Haunting” is about how both theories can co-existing in the Paranormal.

In 2020 Stefan was the asked to be the first person to investigate the world famous Rosenhiem Mansion aka: The American Horror Story or Murder House during a 4 day live stream event for a Halloween special.

In 2021 Stefan released a new Paranormal TV show called “Into the Further” on ParaFlixx currently streaming on Roku, and Apple TV.

Stefan is also a instructor of the Paranormal for University Magicus a real life Hogwarts Esoteric Mystery school.

Charlie Kryszewski

Psychic, Intuitive, Tarot Reader

 I got my start investigating on the USS Hornet and have traveled the country investigating many well know sites. Waverly Hills, Bobby Mackeys, Virginia City and many others.

I have been reading Tarot cards for over 6 years now. I am a constant student reading every Tarot book I can get my hands on. I’ve even created a spread and am doing readings for Spirits.

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Brian Clune


Brian Clune is the co-founder and the historian for Planet Paranormal Radio and Planet Paranormal Investigations. He has traveled the entire state of California researching its haunted hot spots and historical locations in an effort to bring knowledge of the paranormal and the wonderful history of the state to those interested in learning. His interest in history has led him to volunteer aboard the USS Iowa, at the Fort MacArthur Military Museum as well as giving lectures at colleges and Universities around the state and is teaching courses in paranormal studies at California State University Dominguez Hills.

Brian has been involved with numerous TV shows including, Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story, Dead Files, Ghost Hunters and was the subject in a companion documentary for the blockbuster movie, Paranormal Asylum. He has also appeared on numerous local and national and international radio programs. Clune is the co-host for the radio program, The Full Spectrum Project which deals in subjects ranging from ghosts, murders and all things odd and weird both natural and supernatural.


James & Emily Rogers

Calaveras Paranormal Investigations Team

Emily and James Rogers

As a married couple that started our team in 2015, we have become a well know small investigations team over the years investigating in various states and locations. We started like most teams, doing small stuff like the cemetery. Our interest and curiosity of the paranormal grew, so we got more equipment and started historic locations and local residences.

Starting in 2015, we were in Calaveras County California, and decided to take our investigation to Idaho, where we moved in 2020. Investigating such locations as Gooding Inn, and local theatres and bars. Our biggest goal is to communicate with those trying to be known, and do it with respect and honor. Logically and realistically, we keep an open mind and debunk the obvious. However, we never forget rule #1, to have fun.


Cody & Shawn
The New Reality

The New Reality is a paranormal group consisted of Cody and Shawn. Together they have been investigating the paranormal for over 15 years. They have use there spiritual abilities to communicate and understand with the unknown.

Get to know The New Reality a bit more by going to their links that are down below!


Sam Baltrusis


Author of "Ghosts of Salem" and featured in "The Curse of Lizzie Borden" and the upcoming "History's Most Haunted," has penned more than a dozen paranormal-themed books including "Fueled by Fear" and "Related to Evil.". He has been featured on several national TV shows including the Travel Channel’s "A Haunting," "Most Terrifying Places," "Haunted Towns," and "Haunted USA" He also made a cameo in the documentaries "The House in Between 2" and on several television programs including "Paranormal Nightshift," "Most Terrifying with Jason Hawes," "Fright Club 1&2"and "Forbidden History." Visit for more information.


James Annitto


ames Annitto is a renowned Demonologist and paranormal investigator who has been in the field of paranormal investigation since 2004. James has held many responsibilities in his time such as being ordained as a Deacon in the Old Catholic movement while also being formerly ordained as a minister with another Christian denomination. Currently, James is a student at SNHU for his psychology degree in hopes to better understand the human mind when it comes to life and the afterlife. During the day he is a Project Manager and Estimator with an HVAC company where he has been apart of the construction industry for 10 years. Utilizing his many backgrounds, he applies analytical thinking while seeking a means to helping people when it comes to serious hauntings. James has been apart of many organizations and as well started some of his own such as The Dominion Ministry, a demonology lecture duo called Duo Daemonologie and co-partner in the creation of True Evil; a short lived podcast that was hosted alongside a leading criminologist. James has a love for all forms of the unknown being apart of Parapsychology groups such as PPRI out of Canada and New England, USA and being entertained and enthralled with the possibilities of Ufology and Cryptozoology while simultaneously brushing alongside these circumstances. For nearly 12+ years James has traveled the country lecturing about the topics of the paranormal and demonology while recently as of 2022 lead a tour in Romania exploring the geographical footprints of Dracula himself. James can be found on many YouTube and Radio/Podcasts interviews as well making small appearances on television. If your interested in more information always message James directly or go listen to his many conversations about the mysterious.


James Leonard

The Cajun Demonologist

Jereme I was born in New Orleans Louisiana in 1978 and has lived in Louisiana all of his life. In his professional career he is a Firefighter within Tangipahoa parish. Jereme is also in ordained minister and author of the Dwelling the Dark Entity available at Amazon This book was written about his first demonic encounter and led him down the path of becoming a demonologist.

Jereme was taught demonology by Father Padre Joseph a exorcist within the Catholic Church. He has been a working demonologist since 2005. Jereme is also a teacher and mentor and teaches an Online Demonology 101 and Spiritual Warfare classes. Jereme’s teaching style is very interactive with his students focusing on deep understanding of the skills and knowledge needed encountering dark entities.

Jereme is also the owner and operator of Cajun Hutt Jewelry ( which specializes in blessed beaded protection bracelets and signature Cajun rosaries.

Jereme was introduced into the world of the paranormal simply by watching Ghost Lab on television and deciding to plan an amateur ghost hunt at a local cemetery. He captured images that he could not explain. This experience prompted him to create his very own paranormal group called Ghost Quest Paranormal.

Over the course of three years Ghost Quest Paranormal became popular in Louisiana. Before long his ghost hunt brought him to a confrontation he could not understand. While working a case in a small town called Mt. Hermann, Louisiana, he personally witnessed a non-human apparition that appeared in a solid form. This experience, seen with his own two eyes, frightened him to his very core. Jereme immediately left the house never to return, however, the image of an air mattress in the clients home with crucifixes all around it, was where the family slept at night. The fact that three young girls were being affected by this entity prompted him to start looking into the field of demonology. Deciding to return to the family and try and free them of this entity, Jeremy spent six months side by side assisting this family. Jereme learned everything he could about the subject of demons and was eventually able to find someone to perform an exorcism that was needed on the mother. He refers to this case as the Stinson Case. After the events of the Stinson Case Jereme retired from the paranormal and wrote a book about his experiences called Dwelling a Dark Entity. As fate would have it he friended a Roman Catholic Priest that was a retired exorcist and as their friendship grew further Padre Joseph took him under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of demonology and spiritual warfare. Jereme is also known for being one of the main cast members on the Travel Channel's Ghosts of Morgan City and Netflix 28 Days Haunted. You can reach Jereme on Facebook at Jereme Leonard the Cajun Demonologist.

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